Your look and your style are never complete without the perfect bag. While men may judge you more on other attributes, there is no doubt in the truly fashion conscious woman’s mind that the prefect bag adds to her sex appeal. The Močnikova brand helps make you the envy of every woman you meet or compete with in business, your community, or affairs of the heart. 

A Močnikova bag says that you are a truly discriminating and tasteful woman. Our bags state without a doubt that you will settle for nothing but the finest and the most unique fashion accessories. Your superb taste and elegant fashion sense drive you to select hand crafted originals that cannot be duplicated in mass production. Močnikova handbags show that you are more than willing to seek out the very best in design, color, and style. You know what perfection looks like and only the perfect bag made just for you will fit your style and the clothes that you wear.

You are more than willing to seek out the very best and you know to avoid the fashion house bags that are made for just anyone. A Močnikova bag says that while you are absolutely engaged in the latest fashion trends and know all that the largest fashion houses have to offer you prefer to be absolutely authentic. That authenticity shows in your selection of a bag that is made in a time tested tradition by family owned shops in Florence that have produced the finest in handbags for generations. You love supporting small businesses and the people that put their heart, soul, and love in the things you wear.

Why you should choose Močnikova

You know excellence in quality. An astute and hard earned knowledge of the best has given you a discerning eye that can spot a fake from a mile away. You know the best and are more than willing to spend the time and money that it takes to get the very best. You chose Močnikova bags because they are the best made in the world. You love functionality that looks great. You must have a bag that holds all the necessaries for your daily life.

You also need that special little bag that will make you the envy of every woman you know and meet. Your eye for the best in fashion is tempered by your desire to protect and preserve the environment. You avoid fashion houses that have a known history of not caring how much they pollute your world. You select Močnikova because you know every bag and every maker has an abiding concern for Earth friendly production standards. You pick Močnikova for a fit to your style, a unique product that is not duplicated by anyone, and a love for the Earth. You know that a Močnikova bag makes you look your best.

“no women is complete without her bag”

Arrivederci Amici, John Mocnik.