7 fashion tips for smaller girls

We all know that there are some things you can’t change, like your height. But what you can do is strick people you are taller then you actually are. In this article we will share 7 fashion tips for girls who are small. It doesn’t have to be a disadvantage!

  1. Wear a thin belt

When you are pepit it is a good option to wear a thin belt.

  1. Wear nude shoes

Invest in a nice pair nude shoes with a pointed tow. These will instantly slim your legs and will make your whole body look longer.

  1. Wear one colour

Wearing a single colour from head to toe can help create an elongated silhouette, giving the illusion of height. Too many different colours can break up your silhouette, creating a blocky appearance.

  1. Wear heeled shoes

One of the most obvious and embraced fashion tips for short girls is to wear heeled shoes. Whether you’re after a bit of a lift or added inches, a pair of heeled shoes will physically give you extra height. If you’re not used to teetering around in stilettos, why not try a ‘safer’ option like a wedge shoe?

  1. Always cuff long shirts

Long-sleeve shirts can give a smaller girl way too much fabric to work with — you can end up swimming in them. Try cuffing your shirt to help break up the design.

  1. Don’t wear a enourmous shoulderbag

A enourmous shoulder will make you smaller in proportions. It would be better to wear a smaller handbag instead.

  1. A top knot is perfect!

Obvious, yes, but piling your hair on top of your head really does gives a taller impression. Same goes for hair that’s simply voluminous—it adds inches!

We would love to receive your fashion tips for smaller woman! If you have some fashion tips, let us know!


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